For First Year Students Move In

                                               Arriving at Harvard        

Welcome to Harvard! We at Harvard Yard Operations are excited to have you join the Harvard community and want to make your move in process as smooth as possible. Please read below for important information on how to get to campus and how to collect your room key, student ID card, and other essentials. 
Harvard's official opening for the Class of 2022 is on Monday, August 27th at 9 AM. If you are participating in a program approved for early arrival, please see the note below. Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you on the 27th and working with you throughout the year!


The Harvard Yard Operations Team


Note for Early Arrival  Program Participants: Early Arriving Athletes, Dorm Crew, First-Year Urban Program, First-Year Arts Program, First-Year International Program students, First-Year Retreat and Experience, and ROTC can pick up their term time keys from the key tent in Harvard Yard starting  Monday, 8/26 at 5 PM.     


Directions to Campus

By Public  Transportation                

From South Station (Amtrak, Greyhound, other  buses) - Go downstairs in South Station and follow signs to Red Line  subway.  Take the inbound train for Alewife and get off at Harvard    Square (sixth stop).

From Logan Airport – via subway: Take Silver Line subway bus from your terminal to South Station (see From South Station above).  The subway costs $2.75.

From Logan Airport – via taxi: The fare to Harvard Square costs $35-$45.  Taxis may go straight to Johnston Gate (the entrance to Harvard Yard); they do not need a pass to enter the Yard.

By Car            

For students living in Apley Hall arriving at any time: drive directly to 16 Holyoke St. (1/2 block south of Harvard Yard).

 For students living in Hurlbut (2 Prescott St.), Greenough (10 Prescott St.) or Pennypacker Hall (387 Harvard St.) arriving at any time: drive directly to your dormitory. (1 block east of Harvard Yard).

For students living in Canaday, Grays, Hollis, Holworthy, Lionel,  Matthews, Mower, Stoughton,  Straus, Thayer, Weld and Wigglesworth HallsIf you arrive before 3 PM, go directly to the Class of 2022 staging area at the Harvard Stadium Parking Lot.  The staging area opens at 8 AM. This lot is located at 65 North Harvard St. Boston, MA.  Upon arrival, you will receive an entry pass to Harvard Yard as well as directions to the Yard from the staging area. Please be sure to get your entry pass!  Absolutely no cars (except taxis and ubers) will be allowed in the Yard without a pass.


Directions to the Class of 2022 staging area at the Harvard Stadium  Parking Lot

From the North: Take either I93 or I95 to   Mass. Route 128 South (Route 128 is a section of I95).  Take 128 South to I90 East (Mass Turnpike).  Follow directions below to the Harvard Stadium Parking Lot.       

From South and West: Take I90 East (Mass Turnpike).  Follow directions below to the Harvard Stadium Parking Lot.

To the Harvard Stadium Parking Lot from the Mass Turnpike I90:  Take exit 18 on the left toward Brighton.  Continue toward Cambridge St.  Turn right at Cambridge St.  Turn right at N. Harvard St.  The stadium is on your left.  It will be marked with crimson banners.       

If you arrive after 5 PM, you can drive directly to Johnston Gate, the entrance to Harvard Yard.


Picking Up Your Keys and Student ID Card

Students assigned to Apley Court or to dormitories within Harvard Yard pick up their keys from the Main Key Depot (a tent) located in the Yard. Students assigned to one of the Union Dorms (Greenough, Hurlbut and Pennypacker) may pick up their keys on the lawn in front of the Freshman Dean’s Office. You must bring a government issued photo ID such as a passport or driver’s license. Students who submitted an acceptable photo for their housing questionnaire will receive their Harvard photo ID card at the Key Tent. Students who did not submit a picture with their housing questionnaire will have to go to the main tent in Harvard Yard to pick up their student ID card. Please note, students will need their Harvard ID cards to access their dormitories.
Along with their key(s) students will receive a copy of the Calendar of Opening Days and other important materials. Please do not send a family member to pick up a student's keys. The student will need to come in person with a government photo ID (passport or drivers license) to claim their Harvard ID card. After the 5pm move-in deadline, all uncollected keys and IDs will be returned to Yard Operations in Weld Hall Basement.


Completing the Move

Once you have found a place to park, please unload quickly, and then move to the Class of 2022 parking area. If in the Yard, a map and directions will be provided at Thayer Gate when you exit the Yard. If in the Union Dorms or Apley Court, a parking monitor on duty will provide you with the same information. Your prompt unloading will give all the members of the Class of 2022 the chance to move into their dorms in a timely fashion. Please note that trucks longer than 15 feet, and storage pods are prohibited in the Yard during Move In. If you have purchased large items that you would like to have delivered   to your dorm please contact Yard Ops at 617-495-1874 to make the necessary arrangements for access to the yard after move-in weekend.


Help Unloading Your Car

        Some of your fellow students (Peer Advising Fellows) will be available to answer any questions you may have and to help you unload your car. Please note, these students are only available to help you unload your car to expedite the move in process, they are not professional movers. 


Frequently Asked Questions    

Where do students go when keys do not work or their ID is not activated?

 If a student has a key or HUID that does not work they should go to Yard Operations (Weld Hall Basement).   Yard Operations will be open from 7am to 8pm on Monday, August 27th.          

What happens if student does not have any form of identification to receive Welcome Letter/Harvard ID?  Who should they speak to?

Students without a picture ID can not pick up their welcome letter or student ID.  They should come back to pick up these items once they have a government issued photo ID.

How long are parents allowed to be parked in the Yard?  Do they need a permit?  Where do they get the permit?

With the exception of the Union Dorms, and Apley (who can drive directly to the Dorms) every other student must go to the freshman staging area (Harvard Stadium) where they will be given a parking pass for the Yard.  All parents have 20 minutes to unload their cars may that be in the Yard, Apley, or Union Dorms.                 

Once students are moved in and parents need to leave the Yard, where can they park their car?  Is parking free?   

Free parking is given to parents until 8PM at the 52 Oxford Street garage or 10 Everett Street Garage.   Parents will be informed of the parking location by parking monitors as they exit the yard through the Thayer Gate if in the Yard.  If in the Union Dorms or Apley, please see the parking monitor covering your area.     

Where do students get sheets/pillows for their dorm room?                                       

Students can purchase sheets/pillows at several local stores in Cambridge (direction sheets are available) or the Harvard Student Agency  located at 67 Mt Auburn Street in Cambridge (617) 495-3030.                            

Is there a designated location for parents to take a break?

There are events hosted by the Freshman Dean’s Office for the parents of incoming freshman in the Science Center.                                        

Where to find a Yard Map to direct students/parents to their dorms or any other direction.             

There is a map located on the back cover of the Calendar of Opening Days booklet.  Each student receives one of these booklets in their key packet.   If more maps are needed Yard Operations (Weld Hall Basement) will be happy to provide them to parents and students.   Maps will also be available at both key tents (in the Yard and Union Dorms).                        

What is included in the welcome package?               

Students are given their room key and a booklet with the Calendar of Opening Days Events.  Also included are a sustainability brochure and a list of import numbers on camps.  Finally, there will be a packet in their room which contains a booklet with the Rules and Guidelines for the Freshman Dorms, Maintenance Request information, and poster gum.                  

Is there a holding facility where students may store belongings in case of move-in discrepancies?                                        

No there isn’t.  Students are responsible for their belongings at all times.

Crimson Cash - Where and how to set it up?                                      

The best way to set up Crimson Cash is on line.  You will find the website here.

If students shipped their belongings prior to move-in…where should they go to pick them up?                                      

Students can pick up their packages from the Mail Room in the Science Center (basement). Please note the mail room will be open on Sunday for early arrivals from 4pm-8pm.

What if belongings are Missing?  Where can you go to report this?                                      

Harvard University Police Department – (617) 495-1212.                        

Students registered with the Accessible Education Office – Whom to call if the room assigned is not appropriate? 

The Accessible Education Office located at 1350 Massachusetts Avenue - Phone: (617) 496-8707. Students may also contact the Freshman Dean’s Office located at 6 Prescott Street – Phone:  (617) 495-1574                                        

List of nearby stores where parents can do last minute shopping for students
Available at Yard Operations (Weld Hall Basement) and key tents in the Yard and Union Dorms.               


                                   Thank you and have a great year!